Monday, May 26, 2008

Turkey Day, wasted!

I didn't get a thing done this past Turkey Day that I'd planned once again got in the way! Oh, well...plenty of time!

I'm still looking for solid autumn colored plates, cups, saucers and bowls...I can just see a fall table set with a dark green or gold tablecloth with green, gold, red, purple and dark blue plates, each one uniquely decorated to reflect the glories of autumn...falling leaves, pumpkins, cornucopias, etc. What fun!!

I have a gorgeous amber colored hurricane globe, etched with sheaves of wheat, that I use on my fall table. I bought it last year at Kirkland's for half price-I only paid about $5 for it, but it's a stunner when filled with fresh cranberries and a pillar candle! Can't wait to use it!!

We journaled again this past Sunday in class, with Memorial Day as our theme. It was fun! They are such creative little girls!

I'll be back with some plans for June!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Turkey Day project and challenge!

The gratitude journals are going well. We made the covers last week and made our first journal entries this week for Mother's Day. They are doing great jobs.

I have decided on my Turkey Day project. I am going to hand stamp plates for serving Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be searching out solid autumn colored plates at dollar stores and flea markets, then using glass paint and rubber stamps to embellish them, then sealing them to make them usable for food. I have a book that gives detailed directions. If anyone is interested, just leave me a message and I'll post the instructions. Also, when I get one finished, I'll post a picture. I am pretty sure that Fred's has the solid colored plates for a dollar or so each...I am so excited about this! I'm thinking that I might do napkins to match, since I found out that Sam's carries fabric napkins cheap!!

Now for a little challenge:

Decide on a project for Thanksgiving-a crafty project, a food project, a centerpiece, whatever...and get it done or at least started! Only 6 months to go!!

For a small amount of inspiration, here's the wreath I have on my back kitchen door...I use it all year round, but in the fall I add the pumpkins and leaves!

Who's up for it?